Thursday, July 7, 2011

QR Codes Can Add Mysterious Creativity

QR Codes can be an excellent way of directing students to content. With a quick click of a smartphone QR Code Reader app, you can reveal a hidden code instantly and experience a popular trend in the Japanese culture. How can we use this tool in the classroom? Check out the following assignment:  I encourage you to download a free QR Code Reader App and simply take a picture of the image.  You will instantly be directed to the appropriate article.

For this assignment, you will use the argumentative and rhetorical “tools” we have examined up to this point in class. Your task is to scan the QR Code displayed on the interactive board and analyze the structure of the argument. Once you have a good sense of how the argument is constructed and have determined whether that construction is or is not effective in making the argument, write an analysis of the argument. Remember, part of your task in writing this analysis isn’t just to show how the argument was constructed, but is to argue that your analysis is accurate and logical. Your task is not to argue with the argument, but to consider how that argument is made.

As we prepare to transition to Common Core State Standards, it is imperative our students learn and understand how to construct an effective argument. The QR Code in this assignment simply allows students easy access to the article and adds a little mysterious creativity to the lesson. Whether the code includes content from a book in the library, a YouTube video, a seminar room at a given time, or a fun scavenger hunt, students will be directed immediately with a quick pic on a smartphone.  What are some effective ways to use a QR Code in your classroom?

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