Monday, July 11, 2011

Give Me Your Very Best....Give Me More!

If I were to challenge you to give your very best to every student, could you do it? Would you accept this demanding challenge? Do your students deserve your very best? At the end of each day, how will you know if you gave it your absolute best? Well.......there really is know way to tell. Only you can really honestly answer this question. Sometimes it may seem like you think you did, but in reality you have more to give. More than you even know.
During this video clip, pretend you are the coach and the player is an unmotivated student in your class. Is failure an option in your class? Do you motivate through inspiration and create a picture of what's possible?

If you are a principal, pretend you are the coach and the player is a teacher. Do you push and demand teachers to give you more?  

If not........Why not?

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