Saturday, June 30, 2012

In The End, What Matters Most?

On June 29, 2012, I completed my final day as principal at Dibble Middle School.  As I packed the last book (What Great Principals Do differently: 15 Things That Matter Most by Dr. Todd Whitaker - It's always the first book on and the last book off my bookcase) I took out my phone for one last pic of my empty office.  I then embedded the pic in a tweet to my connected staff.  I immediately received many sincere and somewhat lugubrious responses. As I walked out the door for the last time, I wondered to myself: Did I make a big enough difference?  Will everything we worked so hard to put into place continue and improve?

At exactly 11:25 p.m., I received a tweet from one of my teachers, @MrsBeck25, who had altered and enhanced the picture that I had previously tweeted out.  To me, this picture says it all.

This photo will now be framed and represent the 16th thing that matters most:  
Instilling In Others, A Passion To Progress Forward

Thank you Mrs. Beck


  1. I saw this post on June 30th and it has taken me until now to respond. If you remember me for one, single characteristic, I would like you to remember me for the belief "if it isn't good, it isn't done." However, I cannot apply it to this because in my perfect world, our school would never lose you. But I know that God has a great plan for you and your family. He has more teachers and districts for you to encourage and transform the way you transformed Dibble Middle School. I thank God everyday for the short time he gave me to work for such an amazing person and the impact you had on my career and my students. Did you do enough? My ability to put into words what you did for me alone, is why it has taken me this long to comment. What you did for us as a staff is impossible to put into words. Your influence transcends words. You did more than any of us previously knew or ever expected. I chose the quote in the picture because it best describes the impact you made on our school. Your leadership was real and life altering for everyone you encountered. You left us sad, yes, but you also left us pumped up and wanting to continue and do more. Only the best shepherds leave their flock inspired and driven to continue the great path they were led to follow.

  2. Thanks Anne for your comment. It really means a lot! I will remember how you held the highest expectations for all; how you transformed your classroom using web 2,0 tools to engage the disengaged; how you became the lead learner within our building and pulled the rest of us; how you modeled problem-solving to learn new and innovative practices even if that meant buy-passing district restrictions; and I can go on and on and on. Mostly I will remember a connected educator who has a passion for learning and strives to instill that passion within her students. Thanks Anne and stay connected! Shawn