Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 Billion Potential Teachers Globally

A few months ago, I was contacted by a colleague who needed my assistance to solve a problem.  The question was this, "How can I take a video from youtube and embed it into imovie?"  This particular problem was one I had never performed before so I immediately called my technology director expecting a quick solution.  His response was that I needed professional software and it would require the ability to write code.  Unsatisfied, I clicked end call and clicked on my youtube app .  Did I mention that a solution was needed within the hour?  Within only minutes, I had discovered Aleah, a 16 year old from New York City, who had submitted a 3:26 tutorial describing in detail a simple solution.  Because of Aleah, who I have never met, I was able to meet the deadline and more importantly, help a colleague.  This particular youtube video has received 32,890 views along with numerous comments such as, "Thx's, u helped my science project," and "You basically saved me when I was making my senior project!  Thank you so friggin' much!" Evidently, I am not the only person she has saved in the nick of time. 

According to Will Richardson, a student could take his cell phone from his pocket and with a couple of clicks, could have access to over 2 billion potential teachers.  

If they have access, our kids now have an easy connection between an individual's passion to learn and the people and resources to learn it.”
John Seely Brown, A New Culture of Learning

Will Richardson makes it clear that test prep and learning are two very different things.  What are some ways in which you can integrate social online learning in your classroom to make learning more authentic and meaningful?

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